Power up your productivity

This list of online learning resources has sites I use for clients and also in my volunteer work when training. If you want to increase your skill level in a software program, start with a free site and plan about 15 minutes per day to watch a video per topic. You will be amazed at the end of one week how much more productive you have become in such a short time. Promise!

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Education Sites

  • Edx
    Audit online courses from the world’s best universities FREE!
  • 50 Top Online Learning Sites
    This is an extensive list of online learning sites for universities and other higher learning opportunities. It has summaries of the types of topics covered and how easy (or not so easy) the sites are to use. Many are FREE!
  • gymnasium.aquent.com
    Looks like a great resource for learning web basics. FREE and you will get an exam and certification for completion.

Computer Training

  • www.gcflearnfree.org/office
    This site is free and has all the MS Office courses along with basic computer training. It is a great start for absolute beginners who are new to computers.
  • Microsoft Office Training
    This site is free and great if you will be tested on current software skills.
  • www.vtc.com
    Pay per month. This one has a nice range of courses — web/graphics/business software/A+ and network admin types of courses.
  • https://www.linkedin.com/learning
    This site is available for free through many local libraries’ eCollections. Check with yours. It is an outstanding resource for online learning. I’ve used it for years.