Alissa Hudson 150 150 Ja.8Fu.N

Alissa Hudson

Sherri totally updated the website for the Prince William County Bar Association and we love it. She improved our appearance, our navigation, our functionality and more. She delivered on everything we asked for and made suggestions for things we hadn’t even considered. I have and will continue to recommend her to others.

Bruce Moore 150 150 Ja.8Fu.N

Bruce Moore

In a world where so many web designers are focused on “pretty” Sherri is focused on results. She is a marketer that uses media as a tool to deliver sales and prospects. She is well versed in demographics that help identify customers and suggest marketing messages. Sherri has the unique combination of a database mind, a design eye, and a commitment to her clients’ success.

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Marcos Silva

Sherri is a pro-active, resourceful and dependable professional. I have worked with Sherri for over fifteen (15) years, she has helped my business grow thanks to her creative advertising and marketing strategies. I recommend Sherri because she is very knowledgeable in commercial advertising and she is always willing to go the extra mile to create a great product.

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Laurie Weider

It was great to work with Sherri to design a logo for the Prince William County Industrial Development Authority. We weren’t sure how to start, but Sherri led us through a visioning exercise. We first identified words that described the strengths and services of the IDA, then Sherri guided us to prioritize them. I was amazed at the design concepts that resulted – each was responsive to the priorities we had agreed upon. And, having gone through the initial visioning, we easily chose one of the design concepts — unanimously — as our new logo.